Waiale Elua





Project Site Map

Waiale Elua is a 100% workforce housing project located in Waikapu. An ideal location for Maui’s busy working families, this community is near schools, shopping, medical facilities and government offices.

Waiale Elua is a residential subdivision with lot sizes starting at 4,000 square feet. Homes are three to four bedrooms, all with 2-car garages. The project includes a passive community park. Nine homes will be built and sold by FABMAC Homes, Inc., and the balance will be constructed by Hope Builders LLC and sold by Waiale Road 201 LLC.


Waiale Elua is an income qualified project for Maui’s workforce who meet eligibility criteria established by the County of Maui including but not limited to the following:

  1. A citizen of the United States or a permanent resident alien of the County of Maui;

  2. Is 18 of age or older;

  3. A gross annual family income which does not exceed 140% of the County’s median income as established by HUD;

  4. Assets that do not exceed 140% of the County’s median income as established by HUD;

  5. No ownership or joint ownership that was 50% or more of a property in fee or leasehold in the Unites State for 3 years before submittal of the Buyer Application.

Other restrictions or qualifiers apply. This website is meant to provide general project information for the homes and lots offered by Fabmac Homes, Inc. and Waiale Road 201 LLC. If you are interested in purchasing a home in Waiale Elua, please review the Notice of Establishing Qualified Applicant List and complete and submit the Waiale Workforce Housing Application by by 4:00PM March 29, 2019. A lottery for the homes will be held in April.

The infrastructure for Waiale Elua will be completed in early 2019, and homes construction will commence when the infrastructure is complete. Upon completion, this 100% workforce housing project will offer 70 house/lots to qualified buyers.